March 2014


  • Meeting of the ENQA Board21.02.2014
    On 19 February AQU Catalunya took part in one of the working sessions organised during the year by the Board of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, ENQA. The Agency was represented on the ENQA Board by Josep Grifoll, the Association's Vice-President and Technical Director for Quality Assurance at AQU Catalunya.
  • Start of the activities of the Scientific Committee for the Ocupadors/Employers project 20.02.2014
    The Scientific Committee is responsible for designing the questionnaire that is to be sent to 1,000 business establishments in Catalonia, within the framework of the Ocupadors/Employers study. The survey is to be carried out in June 2014, and the Committee will supervise the design of the population and sample.
  • Results of the second call in 2013 for reports on tenure-track lecturers19.02.2014
    It opened from 12 to 30 September.
  • Training course for experts on the accreditation of teaching assessment handbooks18.02.2014
    AQU Catalunya organised a training course for twelve people (academics, heads of QA technical units and students from Catalan universities) who have been appointed as members of the external review panels for the reaccreditation of the teaching assessment handbooks used by the public universities in Catalonia.
  • Activities in 2014 10.02.2014
    The activities are organised into six strategic areas: Programmes of Study, Quality of Teaching Staff, Knowledge Generation, Internationalisation, Strategic Management and Communication and Internal Organisation. All together, one third of the activities envisaged in the Action Plan are new and will require considerable effort to be successfully carried out. In order to comply with this Plan, in addition to the resources allocated by AQU Catalunya, it will also be necessary to collaborate closely with and receive the support of the universities and the Executive Council of the Catalan Government (Govern de la Generalitat de Catalunya).
  • Common position of the AQU Board of Management regarding CORA Report07.02.2014
    The Board of Management of AQU Catalunya, in its meeting of December 17, 2013, expressed its total disagreement with proposal measure 1.07.004, together with its specific objectives, proposed by the Commission on the Reform of Public Administration (CORA Report, November 2013).
  • Start of the Ocupadors/Employers project 05.02.2014
    AQU Catalunya has presented the Ocupadors (Employers) study, a project funded by Obra Social La Caixa, to analyse the satisfaction of employers and companies regarding the job performance of the graduate population from Catalan universities.
  • Fees for the evaluation of teaching staff04.02.2014
    In accordance with the Budget Act of the Government of Catalonia for the year 2014 the fees for the evaluation of teaching staff have been updated.
  • ENQA workshop on publication of QA results: purpose, structure and content23.01.2014
    This event was organised by ENQA in cooperation with the Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (OAQ) within the "Transparency of European higher education through public quality assurance reports" (EQArep) project of ENQA with the financial support of the Lifelong Learning Programme.
  • Start of the fifth survey of the labour market outcomes of graduates from catalan universities08.01.2014
    Between 9 January and 31 March 2014 approximately 28,000 graduates from Catalan universities are to be interviewed in the survey in order to find out various aspects associated with their entry into the labour market.
  • AQU Catalunya sets the criteria and dates for the 2014 evaluation of research by tenured and contracted teaching and research staff at public universities03.01.2014
    AQU Research Assessment Commission (CAR) has established the specific criteria for the assessment of research by teaching and research staff at public universities in Catalonia for the purposes of salary bonuses for merits in research. These criteria were announced in Resolution ECO/2755/2013 [ca], dated 20 December.

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