July 2014


The positioning of AQU Catalunya regarding subject-specific quality labels

Bearing in mind the QA practice in Europe of quality labels for study programmes, AQU Catalunya has formally set out its position regarding the application of quality labels. Within this context, the Agency has agreed to not specifically promote quality labels, but rather to enter into the necessary agreements to provide this service together with other agencies recognised by ENQA that offer subject-specific quality labels. In addition, it will provide support to all universities in Catalonia that wish to obtain a quality label, and to integrate this as much as possible into the framework of accreditation by AQU Catalunya, provided universities comply with certain characteristics. It will also recognise the external site visit and achievements associated with the award of quality labels, provided they comply with criteria equivalent to those laid down in the AQU Catalunya framework for programme accreditation. Based on these guidelines, the Agency will arbitrate either an open process for the identification and recognition of quality labels that universities obtain on their own account, according to the standing of the accreditation body and the quality criteria used, or an integrated process that forms part of the regular accreditation procedure carried out by AQU Catalunya.

PDF document Framework for the positioning of AQU Catalunya regarding subject-specific quality labels [complete document]


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