July 2014


  • Doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering: from theory to practice
    Following the release of the findings of the fifth survey of the labour market outcomes of graduates from Catalan universities carried out by AQU Catalunya, I'd like to express my opinion regarding this matter from the point of view of my experience following my studies at university. When I entered university, my ambition was to study Civil Engineering at what is now known as BarcelonaTech (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya/UPC), basically because I found the content interesting and, at that time (2002), the job prospects with such a degree were very good. I then went on to take a Master's in Computational Mechanics at the University of Swansea (Wales) and BarcelonaTech/UPC. The panorama since then has changed greatly, as the survey shows, with a decrease in both permanent contracts and salaries.
    Carles Estruch Tena - Civil Engineer, MSc in Computational Mechanics and currently taking a doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering

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