July 2017


Teacher training: from access to university to professional practice

Teacher training: from access to university to professional practiceOn 27 June AQU Catalunya is organising the workshop "Teacher training: from access to university to professional practice" at the Palau Macaya in Barcelona.

The event builds on the Agency's mission as regards the enhancement of university education and training. Within the context of international accreditation frameworks, it has been established that the quality of pre-school and school teacher training takes into account not only the time spent studying and training at a higher education institution (university), but also during the process of access and admission to university and the transition to the professional labour market and induction in the early stages of a teacher's professional career, as well as lifelong learning

In recent years AQU Catalunya has gathered a large quantity of information through the identification of strengths and weaknesses, as well as good practices, and has made them available to the entire university system in Catalonia. The purpose of this has been to improve and enhance programme quality and thereby the training of professional teachers who are much better prepared to undertake a university-level role within society.

The purpose of the workshop is for the Agency to present aspects identified within the framework of education and international standards and models of reference, and encourage discussion, reflection and the proposal of actions to improve and enhance the training of pre-school and school teaching staff.

In order to achieve the proposed aims, the programme is structured according to three main areas:

  1. Access and admission to university-level teacher training
  2. The quality of university-level teacher training
  3. Access to the teaching profession

For registration (up until 23 June), please use the following link.


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