October 2016


Workshop on external quality assurance


A workshop titled "External quality assurance: what is its purpose?" is being held at the AQU Catalunya conference room (Sala d'actes) on Friday, 23 September, from 9.45 a.m. onwards.

This workshop is the final stage in the dissemination of the Impala project, a European project on the impact analysis of external quality assurance processes of higher education institutions. The workshop will look at the project from a broader scope to include the quality assurance of public policies in education and, in general, evidence-based policies. Speakers who specialise in this field will include Dimitrios Tourountsis, from the Centre for London, and Miquel Àngel Alegre, from Ivàlua. There will also be a round table titled "What is the purpose of external quality assurance? Evidence-based policies for quality assurance and enhancement", with the participation of José García Montalvo (lecturer in the UPF’s Department of Economics), Josep Ros (Vice-rector for Quality at the UAB), Martí Casadesús (Director of AQU Catalunya) and Cristina Martínez (student at the UAB).


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