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July 2008

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A strategic plan for AQU Catalunya

AQU Catalunya has started the process of drafting the Strategic Plan 2009-2012, the purpose of which is to upgrade its operations in relation to the aims laid down in prevailing legislation (Catalan Universities Act, "the continuous improvement of quality in university education") and deal with the increasing demand for assessment stemming from the establishment of the EHEA. The intention behind this Strategic Plan is to deal in particular with the following aims: a) to establish the Agency's activity on a more regular and cyclical basis, planned according to periods of time that extend over more than a year and organised so that regulatory changes can be integrated without any significant alterations to these cycles; b) to develop and implement monitoring processes, which are currently inadequate; c) to reinforce transversal activities that take in the entire higher education system, with regard to both performance evaluation and studies that are carried out; d) to intensify institutional evaluation processes so that the mechanisms for the internal and external quality assurance of programmes and services offered by the universities are dealt with in a more coherent way, and e) to progress towards more integrated models of teaching staff assessment.





  • Agency quality under discussion

    Gemma Rauret Dalmau
    Director of ANECA (Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación)

    Five years after AQU Catalunya organised a seminar in Sitges laying the foundations for establishing European guidelines and standards for quality agencies, AQU Catalunya brought us together again in Barcelona to expand on the issue of internal quality of agencies and European guidelines.




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