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The Institut Català de les Dones sponsors an AQU Catalunya research project

The Institut Català de les Dones (Catalan government-sponsored institute for female affairs) has sponsored the AQU Catalunya research project, Gender and labour market outcomes of the university population in Catalonia (17,464 euros).

The aims of the project, which will be completed this year, are as follows:

  • To describe the employment situation of students who graduated from university in 2001, using a series of indicators, the use of which may be continued in a service to monitor the labour market outcomes of the university population.
  • To separately analyse the variables associated with quality level employment for the male and female university population for the purposes of guidance and specific policies for the female sector. The analysis of the male sector will include comparison of the differences in the variables that give rise to quality level employment.
  • To produce a model to explain and predict the quality of employment (labour market outcomes).

The research team is made up of: Javier Barà, Sebastián Rodríguez, Anna Prades, Caterina Cazalla, Lorena Bernáldez and Sergi Sánchez.


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