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May 2009

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Qualifications, reverse order and competences

2010, the date set by the European ministers responsible for higher education for the complete implementation of the new degree system, is just next year although, as we are frequently reminded, it is more of a starting point than one of arrival. The ministers are busy sharpening their pencils and preparing an extraordinary meeting for next year. With regard to the meeting held last month in Louvain, the ministers insisted on the issues from previous declarations and stressed three in particular: a) the social character of higher education and the objective of providing equal opportunities for access and equal possibilities for all students to complete their studies; b) lifelong learning, which requires flexible learning paths, including part-time studies, as well as work-based routes; c) the development of national qualifications frameworks, with the aim of their complete development by 2012.



  • The institutional review of affiliated institutions in Catalonia
    There are forty-seven (47) affiliated institutions in Catalonia at the present time. Most of these institutions either currently offer recognised university degrees or will offer them from the next academic year onwards. Given the circumstances of the university system in Catalonia being brought into line with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the Directorate General for Universities (DGU) is seeking to ensure that all affiliated institutions comply with certain minimum quality criteria. The Board of Planning of the Inter-university Council of Catalonia has established that affiliated institutions wishing to introduce new degrees are now subject to a process of institutional review.
    Josep Manel Torres Solà - Coordinator of Quality Assessment department of AQU Catalunya
  • Results of the survey on the satisfaction with the 2008 academic staff assessment
    A formal survey of the applicants' satisfaction with the assessment process has been carried out for the first time since the academic staff assessment programme was set up in 2003. A questionnaire was sent to all those applying for pre-selection tenure-track lecturer reports and the accreditation of research (assistant professors) and advanced research (full professors), in the first call for applications made in 2008. The initiative is a result of the programme to enhance the assessment processes and the satisfaction of users of the services provided by AQU Catalunya.
    Esteve Arboix Codina - Head of Teaching Staff Assessment department of AQU Catalunya


  • The review of affiliated institutions: A path for the enhancement of higher education institutions

    Olga Ortega Solsona
    Director of the Escola Universitària d'Infermeria del Mar / Del Mar University College of Nursing and Chairwoman of a Self-evaluation Committee

    The programme for the quality assurance of institutions affiliated to public universities in Catalonia, developed by AQU Catalunya together with the Directorate General for Universities and the Catalan universities, promotes enhancement of the contextual conditions for the four basic mainstays of an institution: learning, management, human resources and physical resources. The approach to and delivery of undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate degree programmes within the framework of the European Higher Education Area in a context of quality assurance is perhaps the main aim of this programme.




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