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May 2010

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Do rankings measure the quality of teaching?

Sometimes when I'm in class I use a magic wand. Not to do the things they do in Harry Potter, but for virtual experiments that help me to explain things, for example, the Archimedes principle. Let's leave the discoveries of the Greek scientist for another day, however, and I'll tell you about what happened to me today returning from Madrid on the high-speed train, when I used my wand to improve the position of Catalan universities in world rankings.

I did four experiments. First, with a wave of my magic wand, no student would fail any exams in the academic year, i.e., they would pass all of their enrolled credits. Surprisingly, this didn't improve the position of any Catalan university in the rankings!





  • The value of participation in the learning process

    Alfonso Martin Gallego
    Member of the AQU Student Committee

    Under the pretext of encouraging student participation, the AQU Catalunya Student Committee has just been set up. And I’m proud about it, yet I’m puzzled. In fact, I feel obliged to say pretext because I increasingly question whether there is really any student participation. In this regard, the psychologist Ariadna Salva Aige is carrying out a commendable project, within the framework of the Ramon Llull University’s Students Council, to determine the causes why students don’t get involved in representational bodies. Her initial question of whether students appreciate the value of participation in their learning process should be the point where we begin.




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