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July 2010

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The strategic value of knowledge generation

One of the strategic areas of AQU Catalunya's work is knowledge generation. The Agency has the mission to move forward through the new scenarios that are being delineated and to take the role of initiative in thoroughly enhancing the higher education system in Catalonia. And, in short, the Agency also has to provide relevant information on the running of the higher education system so that the strategic vision for the universities can be achieved.

It makes very little sense to talk about quality if there are no measureable variables. If we have no idea of what we have and there are no benchmarks, it will be difficult to know which direction to go in and even more so to improve the things as they are.

This edition of the on-line journal covers the results of five studies: two that deal with the analysis of graduate labour market outcomes and three on the quality of the higher education system.



  • Equal job conditions between male and female graduates, three years after graduation
    AQU Catalunya has presented the results of the study on Gender and graduate labour market outcomes: an analysis of the quality of the professional employment outcomes of female graduates and possible differences in relation to male graduates three years after graduation, which was carried out with the support of the Institut Català de les Dones, the Catalan government-sponsored institute for female affairs.
    Anna Prades Nebot, Caterina Cazalla Lorite and Lorena Bernàldez Arjona - AQU Catalunya
  • The labour market outcomes of Humanities graduates six years after graduation
    The aim of this study was to establish whether graduates of programmes in the Humanities manage to achieve the same level as graduates from other disciplines six years after graduation or, in other words, whether Humanities graduates need more time to achieve satisfactory career outcomes.
    Anna Prades Nebot and Lorena Bernàldez Arjona - AQU Catalunya
  • In-depth studies on the higher education system in Catalonia
    This study covers an in-depth analysis of degree programmes in Law, which are always well subscribed. The first part gives a general panorama of significant outcome indicators, such as the graduation, continuity and drop-out rates for the public universities in Catalonia as a whole and in relation to the student entry profile for each university.
    AQU Catalunya


  • Concerning the study on The academic performance of first-year Law students at the University of Barcelona

    Max Turull Rubinat
    Associate Dean for Academic Planning, Faculty of Law, UB

    A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the completion of the study on The academic performance of first-year Law students at the University of Barcelona. The study, which was funded by the MQD, the PMID-UB and, above all, AQU Catalunya, was based on the academic data of first-year Law students in 2007-2008, which was when the pre-EHEA era was coming to an end. When the paper was published, Bachelor degrees had already become a reality (the first Bachelor’s degree course in Law at the UB and the majority of the public universities in Catalonia was introduced in the 2009-2010 academic year) and the pre-EHEA degree and diploma courses and qualifications have been phased out.




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