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  • AQU Catalunya participates in the 2nd ENQA Members' Forum27.04.2012
    Around one hundred people from 31 countries participated in the ENQA Members' Forum 2012, held in Paris on 23-24 April. The Forum provided a platform for discussion on the following two topical issues: impact of QA and QA agencies independencs.
  • Renewal of AQU Catalunya's ISO 9001:2008 certification25.04.2012
    The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency has obtained the renewal of certification for its internal quality assurance system for university quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2008, which includes the processes of institutional review and academic staff assessment.
  • Communiqué of the Board of Management: Yes to validation, no to the current procedure24.04.2012
    The AQU Catalunya Board of Management (hereafter, the Board) hereby sets out its position regarding the validation process (ex-ante assessment) that university degree programmes must currently undergo before they can be introduced or modified and realigned to better meet society's needs and fulfil its expectations.
  • Gender differences in graduate labour market outcomes ten years on17.04.2012
    AQU Catalunya has published GÈNERE I INSERCIÓ LABORAL. DONES I HOMES DEU ANYS DESPRÉS DE GRADUAR-SE. IGUALS O DIFERENTS? (Gender and graduate labour market outcomes). This study, which was made possible through the support of the Institut Català de les Dones, analyses the job situation of a sample of the graduate population ten years after graduation.
  • AQU Catalunya publishes the Annual Report for 201116.04.2012
    After reacquiring full jurisdiction over the quality assurance of degrees and awards in Catalonia, 2011 was the year in which AQU Catalunya began to implement the VSMA Framework for programme validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation, which will ensure the cyclical, continuous and integrated review of all recognised degree courses. Furthermore, and in compliance with the regulations, all quality assurance processes are now managed by the same QA agency.
  • Winddat, a tool for monitoring recognised degree programmes and awards13.04.2012
    AQU Catalunya has developed a public website where data are displayed on demand, including the entrance grade, the number of places offered, student achievement rate, etc., on the basis of which university authorities can produce their own progress reports and compare the data for their programmes with others offered in Catalonia.
  • New AQU website image13.04.2012
    In order to make it easier to use the Agency's website and to provide better access to the information available and the services provided, the AQU Catalunya website has been redesigned, with the contents made more accessible. Access is also now available through different smart mobile devices.
  • Results of the second call made in 2011 for the accreditation of research and advanced research10.04.2012
    All applications for the issue of the accreditation of research and advanced research in the second call made in 2011 (17-31 October), have been processed. 68% of the applications for research accreditation were favourable and 61% in the case of advanced research accreditation. The results according to academic post and field of study are set out in the tables below.
  • A delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina visits AQU Catalunya05.04.2012
    A group of rectors and vice-rectors from the public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina met at AQU Catalunya to analyse the first results of the international review of thirty-three (33) programmes at Bosnian universities.
  • Start of the monitoring of recognised programmes, 201203.04.2012
    Universities must send their list of degree programmes that will be included in the process to the Agency prior to April 20. Monitoring reports for these programmes must be submitted between 16 May - 6 June. Full university monitoring reports must also be submitted between these same dates.
  • Updating of fees for teaching staff assessment02.04.2012
    In accordance with Law 5/2012, 20 March, concerning fiscal, financial and administrative measures and introduction of the tax levy on tourist accommodation establishments, the fees charged by AQU Catalunya for the issue of reports, accreditations and university teaching staff assessments have been modified.
  • AQU Catalunya participates in the CEUCAT event on the future of the universities16.03.2012
    A meeting of CEUCAT, the student council for Catalan Universities, held on the weekend of 10-11 March, brought together students and university authorities to celebrate the council's first anniversary and discuss proposals for ways to enhance higher education in Catalonia.
  • AQU Catalunya, at the 14th academic and professional guidance sessions in Prat de Llobregat14.03.2012
    Organised by the town’s offices of Education and Youth and municipal institutes, the purpose of these sessions is to provide information, guidance and advice to students and their families who are interested in studying at university and the respective job and professional opportunities.
  • The Catalan universities reflect on the processes of validation, monitoring and modification07.03.2012
    Around two hundred people from Catalan universities participated in the meta-evaluation session of the validation, monitoring and modification of recognised degree programmes organised by AQU Catalunya, in conjunction with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) on 6 March 2012.

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