January 2015


Access to the databases on studies of the transition of graduates to the labour market

AQU Catalunya has now made the databases on studies of the transition of graduates to the labour market (graduate labour market outcomes) carried out so far (2001, 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014) available to the academic and research community in Catalan universities to encourage more extensive use of the information available on the labour market outcomes and destinations of people with a higher education.

With over 55,000 records, Catalonia has one the most complete and representative databases in Europe on the transition to the labour market of its graduate population. With five surveys on the labour market outcomes of graduates in Catalonia and around a dozen papers by different research groups at universities in Catalonia, the body of knowledge that has been produced on this subject is by now considerable.

The purpose of this process, on the one hand, is to stimulate research between the different groups and people involved, through the organisation of meetings, workshops, methodological seminars and the presentation of findings and, on the other, to give visibility to research work and papers that, in undergraduate (First Cycle) and Master's (Second Cycle) programmes, make use of the databases with this information.

For information and documentation on accessing the databases, please see: http://www.aqu.cat/estudis/projectes_recerca.html



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