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March 2009

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Humanism and the 21st century university

For the last years there has been an opinion to which university has been described almost solely in economic terms: "competitive university, which must ensure supply meets market demand, efficient and effective, etc.". Such notions may lead one to think, dare I say it, that the only goal of universities is to train professionals according to market needs and nothing more. In specific fields of knowledge this simplification of the reality leads both lecturers and students to feel a certain degree of conflict since it is difficult for us to determine where we fit in within such a model.



  • Involving students in the improvement of university quality
    Recently, the European project launched by EUA, Quality Assurance for the Higher Education Change Agenda, has selected the courses promoted by AQU Catalunya on the participation of students in quality processes as a good practice in the field of student engagement, that is to say, students’ involvement in and commitment to their institutions. The reason for the selection of this initiative as a good practice is that the course programme is a creative action which responds to some needs which we universities and agencies have been observing lately.
    Albert Basart Capmany - Project Manager of AQU Catalunya


  • Notes on Student Participation: the Perspective of the Persons Involved

    Aleix Barrera Corominas and Anna Ginesta Fontserč
    Pedagogue and doctoral candidate in Educational Quality and Innovation (Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB) and Pedagogue and doctoral candidate in Psychology of Education (University of Barcelona - UB)

    One of the current debates on the university is the role of students in decision-making processes and in the quality assurance mechanisms. In this respect, there are discordant voices in relation to the function which this collective is to carry out, what its responsibilities are to be, and what role is to be assigned to it.




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