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September 2009

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The follow-up of new recognised degree programmes

A stipulation of the launching of new Bachelor and Master's degree programmes, as regulated by Royal Decree 1393/2007, dated 29 October, is the ex-ante accreditation of a degree's design prior to its authorisation (in which AQU has so far not been able to participate), a process that has created great expectation as well as extensive discussion and numerous complaints, along with considerable effort by the universities.



  • AUDIT programme: reflections about the results of the 2007 convocation
    The quality assurance of university studies is a challenge that has been taken up by the universities in Catalonia in a committed and responsible way. In order to successfully manage this challenge, the universities need policies and internal quality assurance systems (for the purposes of this document, referred to by the acronym IQAS) that are both formally established and publicly accessible.
    Esther Huertas Hidalgo (Project manager) - Miquel Vidal Espinar (Adviser on institutional review issues)
  • The experimental follow-up of the quality of new recognised degree programmes in Catalonia: an opportunity for innovation in quality assurance
    The fact that jurisdiction over all levels of education is maintained by the state has probably limited the use of any explicit ideological discourse associated with the process of convergence in higher education. Nevertheless, there are two elements associated with this new European area that is being formed, not just at the European Union, but also the continental level, which are of a highly political nature and need to be taken account of.
    Josep Grifoll Saurí - Technic director of the Quality Area in AQU Catalunya


  • Can a Strategic Plan’s Performance Be Improved?

    Joan Cortadellas Angel
    Technical Director of the UNESCO Chair on University Management of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC)

    In a study which we conducted a couple of years ago at the UNESCO Chair on University Management of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia on the state of strategic management at the Spanish universities, we reached the conclusion that over 80% of these universities were making their way within the frame of a strategic project. Indeed, at that time some were already unfolding their second or third strategic plan, many were carrying out their first plan and some were preparing it.




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