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International call for applications by the Serra Húnter Programme for the recruitment of faculty staff at universities in Catalonia

A call for applications was made on 4 March by the Secretariat for Universities and Research and the public universities for places on the Serra Húnter Programme, which plans to recruit more than five hundred new faculty staff members for posts at Catalan universities during the period 2013-2020, and who will be selected according to international criteria for excellence. This first call is for seventy-five places.

While applicants should primarily have associate professor status, contractual positions for full professor, lecturer or visiting professor may also be offered in exceptional and accountable circumstances. The eligibility requirements for academic posts under the Serra Húnter Programme are as follows:

  • A doctorate degree.
  • Either a teacher's report or accreditation issued by AQU Catalunya for recruitment to the position advertised in the call for applications.

Applications for the corresponding accreditation may be made via the Generalitat de Catalunya's on-line applications website (OVT) by clicking on the following links (please take note of the dates when applications must be made):

The Serra Húnter Programme is funded by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) and the group of seven public universities in Catalonia.


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