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July 2015

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The new AQU Catalunya Act: sincere thanks to everyone involved!

On 8 July 2015 the Parliament of Catalonia passed the AQU Catalunya Act (Llei de l'Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya). Following seven years of insistence by AQU Catalunya that new legislation to cover the Agency was necessary, the Act was finally passed after the third attempt.

And first off it is worth pointing out that there was consensus about the Act. During the debate all of the parliamentary groups expressed a favourable opinion on both the work carried out by AQU Catalunya and the proposed legislation, as reflected in the final vote (87 votes in favour and 40 abstentions).



  • Main results of the employers survey
    The Employers project was started by AQU Catalunya in 2014, with funding from Obra Social "la Caixa", with the aim of improving the employability of graduates from universities and other higher education institutions in Catalonia. The objective of the Employers project is to gather and analyse the opinions of employers and professionals from different branches of economic activity on the skills and education level of the recent graduate population in Catalonia. The perceptions of employers complement those of higher education graduates, which are detailed in the surveys on graduate employment outcomes carried out on an on-going basis in Catalonia since 2001.
    Queralt Capsada Munsech - Project manager
  • The AQU Catalunya Act
    The purpose of legislation (Law 15/2015, 8 July) just recently passed by the Catalan Parliament (the AQU Catalunya Act) is to strengthen the Agency through the updating of its functions, providing it a more flexible structure and enhancing its compliance with European standards as regards its independence nature as an agency.
    Jordi Escolar Bañeres - Legal advisor to AQU Catalunya


  • Graduate employability and Catalan business

    Pere Torres Grau
    Secretary for Business and Competitiveness, Government of Catalonia

    When one speaks about graduate employability, one must of necessity take three concurrent aspects into account: What do young people entering university want to study?; What courses does the university system offer?; What kind of professional profiles do enterprises want?

    The central position of the university is evident in that it links the expectations of future professionals with the requirements of employers. This position can lead to the labour market either having a positive cohesive effect on higher education or, quite the opposite, it can lead to a negative distortion effect. It is therefore salutary that the universities reflect on how they must perform this role.




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