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April 2018

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Graduate satisfaction with Master's programmes

Between 2014 and 2017 AQU Catalunya carried out the accreditation of 350 master's degree programmes, or approximately 70% of the provision of all master's degrees in Catalonia. The outcome of assessment was favourable in around 70% of this total, of which 22% were rated as excellent while 8% received conditional accreditation (with prescriptions). The results are available at: http://estudis.aqu.cat. In general terms, it can be affirmed that, in the majority of cases, Catalan universities provide society with Master's degree programmes that are of good quality.



  • 6th edition of the study on access to the labour market: Master's degrees
    In 2017, a total of 8,747 Master’s degree graduates from the 2011-12 and 2012-13 academic years were surveyed, accounting for almost half of all those who qualified with a Master’s degree in the Catalan university system in those years. All of the public and private Catalan universities took part in this latest edition of the survey (the 2nd at Master’s degree level), along with 12 attached centres.
    Daniel Torrents - Senior advisor
  • Catalonia and four countries. Various facts and figures
    The purpose of this report is to facilitate a comparative analysis of Catalonia with Denmark, Netherlands, Finland and the UK concerning several aspects of the situation of the universities and, according to the circumstances, higher education as a whole. It presents a simple compilation of data and figures that highlight various challenges given the current situation. Although these aspects are not unfamiliar, the aim here is to quantify and adjust them over time for the purposes, where applicable, of regular trend monitoring. This report on teaching is to be followed up with a report on research.
    Editorial Department - AQU Catalunya


  • The value of graduate destination surveys

    Joan Pedrerol
    Chairman, Social Council, Rovira i Virgili University

    The first graduate destination survey of the system of public universities in Catalonia was carried out and coordinated by AQU Catalunya in 2001 under the auspices of the social councils of the public universities in Catalonia. Since then, the survey has been carried out regularly once every three years and now includes the private universities and affiliated schools and institutes. The scope of the survey has also increased and now covers Master's programmes, doctoral programmes and programmes leading to awards in the Performing Arts and Plastic Arts. The methodology and number of variables that are analysed, the scope of which extends to one hundred and fifty-three in the case of undergraduate programmes, together with the six surveys already undertaken (between 2001 and 2017), have thus far provided one of the most complete databases in Europe on the entry into the labour market of the graduate population. The wealth of information provided in each subsequent survey continues to increase with the evolution over time of the quality of graduate destinations and career outcomes.




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