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January 2020

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What lies ahead in 2020?

Since I have been president of AQU Catalunya I have seen the Agency's activities grow in all areas year after year, and I have had the pleasure of seeing how the Agency's human resources, led by Dr. Martí Casadesús, have been able to address the challenges that it has had to face, including:

  • The launch of the accreditation procedure for recognised programmes of study, integrated with the monitoring procedure (2014).
  • The approval and implementation of two Strategic Plans, one for 2015-2019 and the current one for 2019-2022, which promote the new development of institutional review.
  • The enactment of Act 15/2015, dealing with AQU Catalunya, which provided the Agency with a more flexible structure and reinforced compliance with European standards (ESG).
  • The carrying out of two graduate employment outcomes survey studies of people who graduated three years previously (2014 and 2017) and the inclusion in the survey of schools delivering Arts higher education programmes.
  • The carrying out of two survey studies of employers in relation to graduate employment outcomes (2015-2018).
  • Impetus given to the satisfaction surveys of the recent graduate population (since 2015).



  • The profile of tenure-eligible lecturers
    What is the profile of tenure-eligible lecturers who successfully undergo assessment by the Agency? How old are they? How long ago did they obtain their doctorate? Have they spent periods of time undertaking research (research stays)? Do they publish in journals of quality? Are there any variations between the different fields of knowledge? The answers to these and other questions can be found in Profiles of tenure-eligible lecturers, a report recently published by AQU Catalunya that analyses the characteristics of individuals who obtained accreditation in the period from 2013 to 2017.
    Esteve Arboix - Head of Assessment of Teaching Staff and Research Department
  • The accreditation of merits in research and gender
    AQU Catalunya has undertaken the assessment and accreditation of merits in research of teaching and research staff since 2011, with assessment being based on six-year periods of research. The assessment of six-year periods of research is non-mandatory and is associated, in the case of both regular and contract teaching staff at public universities, with supplementary earnings. The assessment of merits in research is undertaken by the various specific committees that come under AQU's Research Assessment Commission (CAR).
    Núria Mancho - Internationalisation and Knowledge Generation Department


  • Assessment and accreditation of tenure-eligible lecturers under the Serra Húnter Programme

    Josep Domingo
    Academic Director, Serra Húnter Programme

    The purpose of the Serra Húnter Programme (SHP) is to recruit, on a level comparable to that of international standards, highly qualified teaching and research staff for positions at public universities in Catalonia. The SHP followed the adoption of the Catalan Universities Act (LUC) in 2003 and, up until 2012, its scope was confined to the co-financing of 50% of the recruitment of senior lecturers accredited by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU).

    From 2012 onwards, following the consolidation of the contract teaching positions covered by the LUC and the accreditation system extended to include regular (civil servant) teaching positions, the SHP was changed and took on its current form. In order to be co-financed by the SH programme, contracts must have a broad profile and calls for applications are tendered at international level to increase participation and competitiveness: calls currently receive around twenty applications to each contract tendered. In addition, the tenure committees (panels) that decide the outcome of calls are set up on an equal footing between the university tendering the contract and the SHP. The committees consist of five members, of which only the secretary is from the university offering the post, with two or three members from universities in other countries to ensure that international standards of selection are applied.




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