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November 2009

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AQU Catalunya, at the service of the Catalan higher education system

The ENQA Board (the executive body of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) has expressed its satisfaction in relation to the progress made by the Catalan agency with regard to its recommendations. These concerned a series of enhancment proposals made by the ENQA international external review panel during the process which confirmed AQU Catalunya as a full member of the association (2007).



  • From which perspective should quality in teaching be fostered?
    In a recent study we set out to identify teaching strategies that would be effective in helping students to learn more and in a better way. The purpose was to construct an instrument for analysing teaching and learning situations in higher education and to ultimately bring about significant enhancement in them.
    Joan Rué Domingo - IDES interest group: Autonomous Learning Network (UAB)
  • Future challenges of quality in Europe
    The ENQA General Assembly was hosted by AQU Catalunya on 28 and 29 September 2009. The meeting in Barcelona practically brings to a close a strategic cycle in Europe in quality assurance and quality assurance (QA) agencies, which curiously enough also began in Catalonia.
    Josep Grifoll Saurí - Head of Quality Assessment department
  • Results of registration for the workshop on research assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences
    The rapid filling of all the places on the workshop has led to several interested people not being able to register. In order for everybody to have the opportunity to make their ideas known, AQU Catalunya is setting up an on-line forum whereby those who are interested can present their ideas and work in this area, outside of the workshop itself.
    Maria Giné Soca - Head of Planning and Communication unit


  • The international dimension of AQU Catalunya

    Javier Bará Temes
    Chair of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Director of AQU Catalunya (2006-2009)

    After three years of holding the position of Director of AQU Catalunya, I believe the Agency's most significant characteristic to be its international dimension, a statement that, based perhaps on its daily activities as perceived by the universities and governed principally by decisions made at the ministerial and government department level and by the Inter-university Council of Catalonia, may cause surprise.

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